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An Owner embarking on a development or improvement project involving construction must make an important decision regarding the method by which the project is planned, designed and constructed. The method for construction has changed over the years as the clients needs evolve with the changing end user landscape.

Project Management (PM) is a discipline uniquely tailored to the planning, design and construction process of capital projects. PM has been used successfully by Owners who do not continuously maintain the staff expertise or numbers necessary to deal with the complex responsibilities involved in the management of major projects.

An Owner has several areas of concern when embarking on a development and construction program, the following are some key considerations owners use when determining their path:

Budget: The key to any successful project to define a budget and create the design, plans, specifications and execute in accordance with the budget with minimal cost over runs.

Design: Choosing the right design team who understands the fundamentals of construction and can execute on your vision is a key element int he success of a project.

Location/Feasability: Many projects are not conceived for a site specific location. Instead the vision is created first then a site has to be located in order to bring that vision to life. Throughout the process we help in performing the feasability studies necessary to ensure a successful project.

Project Management Services

  • Architectural Review

  • Engineering 

  • Construction Estimating

  • Cost Analysis

  • Value Engineering

  • Construction Scheduling

  • Construction Budgeting and Phasing

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